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The Ghost Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Published May 1, 2014 | Buy at Amazon UK | Buy at Smashwords

The Ghost Who Wouldn't Give Up by Will Lorimer book cover

This edition is sumptuously illustrated with drawings from the travel journal of the author.

In the remote Sierra Madré, narco-revolutionaries, chingadas, restless native tribes …

A little bus, ascends an ancient cobbled road towards a Mexican pueblo fantasmos. On board is a prodigal son, searching for his late father, a defrocked Catholic bishop, and a legendary treasure. Waiting in the only hotel in town is a serial killer – his mother, and watching from the hotel lobby is an ancient Egyptian mummy – his forefather. Across Pilgrims Way, is the Cantina, and Joe – the narco-cartel’s banker – his only friend. At one end of the medieval street, a dark mountain tunnel, the entrance to the town. At the other, squats a cathedral – the exit. In the burial crypt of the Popes of an ancient heresy – by a stone tree, three incestuous sisters have an assignation with their half-brother. But first a son must go below, plumb the nine circles of Mictlán, the Aztec hell, on a dead cabbalist’s trail. Only if he finds his father can he recover can he recover the missing chapters of his palimpsest life. Then, maybe, learn where the old f***er hid the fabulous treasure of the Sierra Madré.

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