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The Last of the Lutchens

The Last of the Lutchens by Will Lorimer book cover

A  look  back  at Britain over the last hundred years, through the eyes of three generations of an Anglo-Scots family of noble but dubious lineage, featuring the illusions and obsessions of the Lutchens, woven together in a genealogical tree rooted in a Scotland which we only thought we knew.

Starting in the Swinging Sixties as the Beatles’ first single tops the charts and the Cuban Crisis looms, the narrative tracks back through two world wars to uncover a skeleton in the family closet during the glory days of the British Empire, before proceeding full circle to when break-up threatens the disunited family.

Will the Lutchens go their separate ways, or patch up their differences? Everything hangs in the balance for the family and the British nation state …

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