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Will Lorimer’s latest novel – Space Vermin

SPACE VERMIN – Part 1 – A SF satire.

Only on aberrant earth are there different genders. Everywhere else the universe is exclusively female. So, when a wacky billionaire establishes a base on Mars, the prospect of toxic humanity spreading across the stars threatens the natural order of the universe, it is decreed that earth must be destroyed.

Only one  family – possibly the most dysfunctional ever –   escapes the destruction. In a futuristic faster than light craft, the da Cunhas, are pursued across the universe by alien amazons in their technologically superior ice-ships.

Pushed to their limits,  struggling to survive in an unforgiving cosmos, they encounter not only extraterrestrial dangers but all-too-human intergeneration conflict, and threats of betrayal and power struggles within their own ranks.

Will the da Cunhas unite to face the external threats head-on, or will their internal conflicts doom them and humanity to final extinction among the stars? As they hurtle through space, one thing becomes clear: in the vast, unfathomable universe, the line between human and vermin blurs.

Road to becoming a writer

My Damascene conversion to becoming an ‘writer’, arrived at the edge of the Nullarbor desert, Western Australia, after I hitched a lift in a beat-up old jalopy, driven by the double of Furry Freak Brother. I had just told the story of my improbable 40 day Australian road trip round Dreamtime in the company of a Tibetan shape-changer, when FFB2 turned round, passed me a big fat one and said, ‘Hey man, if you wrote that story in a book, I’d buy it.’

Four years later that novel, written under my pen name Frank Questing, was published by 4th Estate, of London. Unfortunately, a few weeks before that, one R. Murdoch bought a major stake in the company. After that, things went rapidly downhill. My editor resigned, the book launch party was cancelled at the last minute, and the only reviews were the ones I obtained. A few months later, I heard that all remaining copies of the book had been pulped. These days the once fiercely independent publish house of 4th Estate is an imprint of Harper Collins.

After my unhappy encounter with Corporate Publishing, I founded the Autonomous Republik of Ink, where the Fiction is without borders.

Homeless authors are welcome to apply for asylum at Inkistan, using the contact form.