Space Vermin

“Space Vermin” is a riveting blend of science fiction, survival challenge, and metaphysical fiction, perfect for fans of dark…

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The Consensus

a SF satire (publication date:1 July, 2024).

While researching disinformation for a mainstream media outlet, a journalist stumbles upon a chilling story…

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New York Stories

A collection of short stories of life in Manhattan in the early 1980’s. Illustrated by the Author.

WOLFGANG Book 2 Beware of the Foby – illustrated

On the run from the authorities, Wolfgang’s pursuit of the great novel continues, as he grapples with a world which is much changed since he last left the backwards Kingdom.

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WOLFGANG Book 1 Beware of the Dog

(The short life and times of WOLFGANG, Laird of Castle Haggard) Illustrated by the author. Enfant terrible, a freak of nature.

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El Espiritu

The Spanish language edition of the Escape from Mictlan Trilogy

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A Prodigal Bastard – Book 1

A prodigal bastard searching for his missing father, a Catholic bishop, instead finds his mother managing the only hotel in the Mexican town with no name…

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Escape from Mictlan – Book 2

Prodigal bastard’s search for his father continues, from the Town with No Name, over the last unmapped mountain range in Mexico…

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Lost his body in Mexico – Book 3

A prodigal bastard returns in a disembodied state to the Town with NoName. Next, he must recover his body, if he is to ever to escape to the world outside.

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On the Run in Dreamtime: The Illustrated Edition

The unlikeliest duo you’ll encounter within the covers of a book or otherwise, Lobo and Frankie are the natural successors … 

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On the Run in Dreamtime

Two men on the run – a Tibetan who has no need of sleep or money, and his ‘chosen one’, a Scotsman fleeing his vengeful wife and a past he wants to forget…

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The Last of the Lutchens

A look back at Britain over the last hundred years, through the eyes of three generations of an Anglo-Scots family of noble but dubious lineage, featuring the illusions and obsessions of the Lutchens

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The Awesome Headfux

Spanning worlds, realities, genres and possibilities, this counter factual novel begs the question – what if our reality is faux, all history bunkum, and the mind boggling conspiracy outlined within its pages, true?

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