WOLFGANG Book 1 Beware of the Dog

(The short life and times of WOLFGANG, Laird of Castle Haggard) Illustrated by the author.

Enfant terrible, a freak of nature. His rise from obscurity to become the Laird of Castle Haggard, following his marriage to Lady Brünhilda Constanze Haggard. His travails restoring the Castle. The strange customs and traditions of the Castle. Beset by demons disturbed by his renovations – a black dog, the Red Duchess, and vengeful ghosts. Betrayed in love – a laird cuckholded.

The laird’s war against a drug baron and his henchmen. An encounter with Lucifer in a black pit. The riddle of the laird’s map of shifting lines and the mystery of the forking paths of the Castle’s famous vegetable garden.
All this and more recounted in a series of tales, dictated to the laird’s secretary, an untrustworthy Inuit, who has an even greater capacity for drugs than the laird himself, which is saying something.

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