On the Run in Dreamtime: The Illustrated Edition


The unlikeliest duo you’ll encounter within the covers of a book or otherwise, Lobo and Frankie are the natural successors to Don Juan, and Carlos Castaneda, with a pinch of Laurel and Hardy for good measure. Lobo is a Swiss-Tibetan-playboy-mystic, who believes that Frank is the Chosen One. A pity then that the Chosen One should turn out to be a lazy, dirty mouthed Scotsman with as much mental clarity as a guinea pig, but Lobo is
not deterred. Together they blaze an unstoppable trail across an unsuspecting Australia, in a pristine white falcon UTE – cruising the highways, sneaking the byways, and syphoning off gas pretty much everywhere.

From the dives of Kings Cross Sydney, to the wild wastes of flying doctor country, they connive, conspire, and con their way in and out of trouble, in scenarios that Lobo creates to demonstrate the secret teachings of his master in a cave, back in Tibet. Along the road they encounter the gay queen of Melbourne, the gorgeous Renaldo Monte-Video, Nazis hiding out in a Queensland banana plantation when not on the Moon, fat necked outback cops, an aborigine-trans-rights activist, lesbian truckers, hookers and frustrated housewives of the outback.

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