A selection of Chairman Will’s artwork in different media:

The art shown here is only a selection of my work available for  sale and / or exhibition.  I am also prepared to consider commissions for glass works. Serious enquiries only please to

All images © Will Lorimer

The dichroic glass I use was made in a facility in Scotland, which a few years ago was transferred to the US for strategic reasons. The unique arrangement I had with the company ceased at that point. As I understand it, the technicians at the Scottish plant preferred to take redundancy, rather than relocate to the States, and the glass was never successfully manufactured again, because the skills involved in its production were so specialist, and the technical challenges involved just too difficult.

This dichroic glass is 99.9% reflective, that is approximately 10% more reflective than conventional mirror. The glass is coated with nano layers of exotic and rare minerals which, depending on the viewing angle, refracts two different colours, and a mirror phase. The colours are complimentary – eg. Purple, changes to yellow; red to green, etc. The colours are incredibly powerful and flood the eyes with light which can stimulate emotional responses. Using the glass, in mosaic form as I do, presents many challenges. Not least of which is cutting the damned stuff – this is borate glass of an incredible hardness. The colour relationships, which multiply with every new pane of glass added, is another challenge.

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Is there life after death? Certainly there was for this family of shop

display mannequins, rescued and given a second chance of life in the public gaze, translated into a new and improved shining form. Angels? Yes, and demonkin too. Adam and Lilith, the original couple, (In the most ancient accounts of Paradise, Lilith came before Eve) and their unholy child, Damian, about ready to step off the planet and search for new worlds to conquer.

Originally conceived to function as superior disco balls, they would grace the most exclusive night club, and each could fill a stadium with spinning panes of colour.

Thanks to ‘Zahra’ for the original music on the Ghost Who Wouldn’t Give Up video, Sheila Brooks for the original music on other videos and the audio extract; Cagoule productions, for video editing on the promo video, and ‘Shu’, for camera and lighting on all the videos.

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