A collection of short stories of life in Manhattan in the early 1980’s. Illustrated by the Author.

WOLFGANG Book 2 Beware of the Foby – illustrated

On the run from the authorities, Wolfgang’s pursuit of the great novel continues, as he grapples with a world which is much changed since he last left the backwards Kingdom. America is no more, and new powers in theNorth compete for global domination. Meeting up with his untrustworthy amanuensis in Read More

WOLFGANG Book 1 Beware of the Dog

(The short life and times of WOLFGANG, Laird of Castle Haggard) Illustrated by the author. Enfant terrible, a freak of nature. His rise from obscurity to become the Laird of Castle Haggard, following his marriage to Lady Brünhilda Constanze Haggard. His travails restoring the Castle. The strange customs and traditions Read More



The Spanish language edition of the Escape from Mictlan Trilogy Se trataba de un secreto de su pasado amnésico que ni siquiera su analista de N. Y. era capaz de descifrar, lo que significaba que tenía que ir a México en busca de respuestas, específicamente a un pueblo fantasma en Read More


A Prodigal Bastard – Book 1

A prodigal bastard searching for his missing father, a Catholic bishop, instead finds his mother managing the only hotel in the Mexican town with no name, where nothing is as it seems, every day is the Day of the Dead, and the cathedral bells toll 13 at midnight. Even the Read More


Escape from Mictlan – Book 2

Prodigal bastard’s search for his father continues, from the Town with No Name, over the last unmapped mountain range in Mexico, to the Narco HQ, in a hidden canyon, and eventually, into Mictlan, where he finally gets some answers to the questions bugging him ever since the philandering catholic bishop Read More


Lost his body in Mexico – Book 3

A prodigal bastard returns in a disembodied state to the Town with NoName. Next, he must recover his body, if he is to ever to escape to the world outside.


On the Run in Dreamtime: The Illustrated Edition

The unlikeliest duo you’ll encounter within the covers of a book or otherwise, Lobo and Frankie are the natural successors to Don Juan, and Carlos Castaneda, with a pinch of Laurel and Hardy for good measure. Lobo is a Swiss-Tibetan-playboy-mystic, who believes that Frank is the Chosen One. A pity Read More



Two men on the run – a Tibetan who has no need of sleep or money, and his ‘chosen one’, a Scotsman fleeing his vengeful wife and a past he wants to forget – blaze a trail through Dreamtime and Oz in a stolen car, when roads were free.